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Gateless signifies the moment the
conditioned mind falls away and you are one with the act of creation.

Ride the gorgeous beast of your unleashed story into the limitless horizon.

“I have saved so much money because I haven’t had to go through therapy, Suzanne was my therapist and my guide who turned me from a good witer to a great storyteller. A lot of my work had been technical writing, she helped me write with emotion, meaning and a directionality I have never had. She has uncovered so much for me, and I was able to share these many unearthed truths to my audience. I really just cannot say enough.”

~ Farnoosh Torabi, Internationally-acclaimed author of A Healthy State of Panic, Atria, Simon and Schuster

Gateless Offerings

How We Work

When I work with a writer, I climb into their vision and open door after door to make their dream a reality. My resources are your resources, my network is yours. We organize, structure and leverage the power of your singular genius so you can make your vast mark on the world.. We do this through hourly 1:1 consults, half and full day intensives, intuitive readings, manuscript reviews and more. Click the button below to sign up!

Gateless Offerings

What We Create

Combining expertise from over two decades in New York publishing, my work as a creative intuit, and my history as a best-selling author, this intensive and very intimate work alchemizes creative blocks into great power. We create content that can turn into books, blow open a much bigger career and a brand that encompasses all that you are. This is about the writer as prophet and change-maker. And our aim is to create work that moves a crowd.

Gateless Offerings

Who You Are

I work with mission-driven nonfiction authors, memoirists and novelists who have a story to tell and a message that can create lasting change. As writers we form an incredible network through the United States and abroad, and often cheer each other on through the sale and the launch. We see the written word as a vehicle that can carry you further on your journey than you have ever imagined.

“Suzanne is a dream come true, absolutely brilliant, a wizard. The first time I sent it out, two huge agents loved the proposal and I wound up going with the publisher of my dreams. The book is up for one of the biggest literary awards in the nation and has landed on best-seller lists multiple times.”

~ Victoria Waller, PhD, award winning author of Yes! Your Child Can: Creating
Success for Children with Learning Differences
, published, Quill Driver Books

Gateless Offerings


Master-level consults with writers of any genre to develop book proposals, platform-creation, and strategies to find an agent. We build your sturdy home within the publishing industry.

Gateless Offerings

Therapeutic Care

With therapeutic care, we break through the emotional and creative stumbling blocks that often trip writers up and feel maddening, debilitating and demoralizing.

Gateless Offerings


Without a hand to hold, publishing can be completely overwhelming.  Publishing consults involve comprehensive guidance on the query, proposal, agent-find, platform built and manuscript completion.  

Suzanne Kingsbury, founder of Gateless Writing


I work with seasoned and emerging writers to recover the essential potency of your creative self. Writers often face crippling doubt from an overarching culture that has not bowed to their singular talent. 

Together, we demystify the industry, and move through everything from book architecture to proposal-building and publicity. Most of all, we take a deep dive into the unexplored territory of your unique creative genius. These sessions have launched writers’ ideas from a single concept into a global enterprise, including translation rights, film options and award-winning titles.

Hour-long consults often turn into a lifelong partnerships. 

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“Suzanne is a powerhouse, a friend, a spiritual advisor and one of the most incredible people I have met. She has the power to change your life. Suzanne sent my book to an agent who, within 48 hours, had me in seven of the top publishing houses in New York. In one day I had my first offer. She is my best kept secret.”

~ Katina Makris, CCH, CIH, author of Out of the Woods: A Memoir.

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