The Teacher Training

The written word holds the power to uncover your unique purpose hidden in the rich rooms of the self, where your singular story lives alongside your innate genius.

Branford, CT, August 17-22  
Joshua Tree, CA, September 21-26 
Branford, CT, November 7-12 
Gateless Offerings

The Experience

This six-day, forty-hour immersive training is offered three times a year. It is for you if you want to become a change-maker in your industry, a sold-out retreat leader, an extraordinary coach, and/or a writer who makes a living with the written word. Immersion into the method shifts neurotransmitters and brings you into a powerful new landscape with your life and your career. Hours of experiential training, an internship and a post-grad mastery spotlight provide access to an incredible international network.

Gateless Offerings

Who Is It For?

Gateless was built for mission-driven professionals who want to use the written word to become change-makers and bridge-builders in their fields. Designed for writers, creatives, entrepreneurs,  those working in the healing arts and more, you will dive deep into the intersection of leadership and creative innovation to ignite personal and group transformation. Through this internationally-recognized certification program, you will become part of a mission-driven global community, creating a new world free of habitual conditioning and the overarching hierarchy.

Gateless Offerings

The Result

Gateless shifts neurotransmitters, opens powerful new landscapes in the brain and assists its graduates in creating influence and limitless achievement in their fields. Graduates enter the spotlight with book deals, speaker series and media attention. They have been recognized by Oprah, Sarah Silverman, Malcolm Gladwell, The Today Show, NPR, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times. They are teaching in Bali, Costa Rica, Italy and across the world. The Teacher Training is marked as one of the most powerful, alchemizing and life-changing experiences most graduates have ever had.

“Since the teacher training my life has been a rocket ship! I have led sold out Seven Senses retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica, Morocco and Tuscany, I have written numerous articles about my work, and this past week, my article on MindBodyGreen was the most read article on the site! I’m feeling so grateful for the seeds that we planted on the sweet shores of Connecticut last year. Thank you Suzanne D. Kingsbury and to all of you who held the space for my writing to emerge.”

~ Dr. Erica Matluck, ND, NP, Founder of Seven Senses and Integrative Medicine Provider

Gateless Offerings

The Setting

Radical nurturing blows through critical blocks and allows for creative risk-taking, career agency and infinite opportunity. We hold trainings in private homes with a personal chef, daily Thai and Reiki massage, and Gateless feedback to showcase your power and strength. In an intimate setting, you are able to reach into the richest rooms of the interior self and create work that moves a crowd. With Suzanne and a hive of 12 carefully chosen trainees, you will enjoy an incredible experience of cozy camaraderie, belly laughs and the astounding potency of the creative power you hold inside.

Gateless Offerings

The Method

Created in 2008 after years of in-depth exploration into the confluence of creative brain science, Zen inquiry, and radical nurturing, this cutting-edge method has the power to move the mind out of fight-or-flight and into deeply generative states of creative risk-taking and purpose-driven innovation. By being immersed in the method, you will learn how to release long-held creative blocks and the conditioning and constructs that keep us from our innate talent and singular genius. Because of the way it shifts neurotransmitters, the method is a powerful catalyst for life-changing transformation.

Gateless Offerings

The Curriculum

The core curriculum is taught through experiential learning at the retreat as well as a comprehensive text—The Gateless Training Manual that supplements the in-person  experience. This includes personal mythmaking, generative feedback, neuro-scientific understanding of trauma recovery, how to price, how to create a solid container for client and group work, the little-known secrets to successful retreats, and routes to moving into niche groups, including corporations, veterans groups, prisons, schools, chronic care facilities and yoga studios. The training is followed by one-on-one work with Suzanne, an internship, and intensive masterminds with a forcefield of Gateless facilitators.

“In my work as a race and culture equity consultant I have learned the paramount importance of community. When I came to Gateless, I found a community I never dreamed of. The training was incredibly magical, a blend of sacred space, meditation, support, and, of course, writing. It was an escape from reality; we write from the innermost places, the sacred parts and that’s why it’s so profoundly healing. You bring that magic back when you go home. This training completely shifted how I work as a coach and a consultant building anti-racist identities and cultures. I found deep value here and a lifelong community.”

~ Iyabo Onipede, Graduate of Georgetown University Law School (J.D.) and Candler School of Theology at Emory University (M.Div.), Racial Peace Building Educator and Speaker

Suzanne Kingsbury, founder of Gateless Writing


The Gateless Teacher Training is a leadership program existing within the trifecta of science, creativity and spirit. Writing is our main medium of instruction, and the alchemy that occurs on the page will astound you.

You discover the oracle and divine compass that exists within the written word.

By shedding what is no longer working, you will fly into a limitless horizon on the wings of your singular genius. Those who are certified find that Gateless buoys and carries you to the highest vision of yourself as a teacher, coach, writer, facilitator, leader and guide.

Join us for this incredible experience. There is nothing like it in the world.


“I went into the Gateless training on pure instinct, I wasn’t sure what would happen. I came away as an international retreat leader, an internationally-acclaimed coach, and I lead one of the premier retreat centers in the world. The Gateless training gave me absolutely everything I’ve been looking for, and it has completely changed my life.”

~ Emily Pereira, International retreat leader and critically acclaimed memoirist

Apply Now!

To apply to the Gateless Teacher Training, please indicate accordingly on the Contact Form HERE.

Please note that we accept admissions on a rolling basis and space is extremely limited, so we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

The total program cost is $6,500. Payment plans are available.

Partial fellowships are available for work exchange; please let us know if you would like to offer something to the Gateless admin team, the kitchen team, social media team or as a photo/video contributor.

If you would like to set up a time to talk to us about becoming certified as a teacher, simply send us an email at and allow a few days for us to get back to you.