Scribe Channeling

For centuries the written word has been understood as a channel to the divine. From the ancient Sumerians to the language of Sanskrit and the Kabbalah, the mystics and the prophets have known that spirit speaks through the word.

Throughout my life, writing has always been a source of solace, a way to connect with spirit, and then in the summer of 2013 while writing, I had an experience of being filled with an intelligence that was both unconditionally loving and beyond the confines of the human condition. This source could “channel” into the programming and vast potentiality in another human being.

The experience continued happening while I was working as an editor, when I would be able to see clearly how the patterns in the writer’s work were expressing a clear path to their potentiality and expansion.

It also happened when I was not on the page but in front of individuals or groups. I would see a person’s brilliance and singular genius. I was overwhelmed with a love that had no condition, and could offer the person direction that resulted in powerful experiences of realization and transformation.

I honed the relationship with this channel by studying in Peruvian and Celtic shamanic practices but mostly through morning written and shamanic meditations on my own, where I traveled to other dimensions, past and parallel lives, and up to source channel.


Today, my understanding of my own source channel is that they are of the Akashic and the Ascended Masters. The intelligence of my personal channel has come from many lifetimes, including an ancient matrilineal tribe of female scribes in Mesopotamia.


When I channel, there is a merge with light. A window opens where I can see paths to free the self from the confines of the conditioned, acculturated mind. The channel moves past the burden of the “should” and the “ought to” into your full potentiality in matters of love, career, health, wealth, finding community, geography, family and more.

Channeling down the ages has been wholly misunderstood as a way to control outcome. For me, this work is about surrendering. The Ascended Masters have a gentle focus on your story. This is not an oracle of bad things to come or a way to control destiny. This is a threshold for you to step into the vast gift that you already are and show you the wide horizon waiting for you. You are returning to the unconditional love from which you came.

Since 2013, I have worked worldwide with The Channel, being invited into groups, by referral and on retreat. Those who find their way to The Channel have experienced spontaneous healing, a geographic understanding of where they want to be, assistance with fertility, recovered memory, new and beautiful connection with loved ones–past and present, past-life regressions and vast career openings. Most of all, they experience the profound bliss of being in connection with an unconditionally loving source of intelligence that wants only their highest good.

If you are drawn to a reading, an hour-long in-depth session is $310 and can involve shamanic clearing and “calling in” of your ancestors, guides and intentions. You may choose to have your scribe written out and sent to you in pages, but it is almost always better for us to do it in person or on Zoom. The session will be recorded and is completely private.


When we work together, you may bring your whole vision of where you want to go, any questions in all their complexity and detail. You may lay absolutely anything on the table, so that we can move you into the flow of ease and abundance that is waiting for you.


We would need:

1. A picture of yourself as a little one, preferably before the age of 6.
2. A picture of yourself now.
3. Date and place of birth.
4. Three or four questions you’d like to ask.
5. Pictures of the people or place (real estate) you are asking about.

You may send your information here:

I do not consider myself a traditional psychic or a medium, though loved ones and pets who have passed and are vibrating at a high frequency often do come through.

If would like the channel to speak to your gathering or group, please explain this in your email and, depending on the size of the group, we will arrange pricing and adequate time for everyone to be “seen”.


In my understanding each person is looked after by the source of this unconditional love, each person has a channel into that source. I only turned to it and asked to be shown a relationship with it. But I am not any more special than you in all your infinite, wise and wonderful glory.

Working through the Scribe Channel at a Gateless Retreat in Vermont.