The magic of creativity meets the power of productivity in our delicious, one-of-a-kind, salon-style retreats, curated to provide sweet support for the genius writer within.

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Tuscany, Italy, May 6-10, 2024

A writing retreat haven in the heart of Tuscany. Explore the surprising wellspring of the limitless creative mind when you are away from home. Held in the high, ancient city of Cortona in a light-filled manse with our private Italian chef with wine tastings, thermal bath excursions, incredible art and daily writing salons for your traveling muse. The experience of a lifetime! Questions or to apply:

Gateless Offerings

Connecticut Coast

October, 2024

Home to pink granite bedrock and a resting spot for seals, Connecticut’s own premier coastline will be your home for this exclusive, all-inclusive retreat. The unique Gateless methodology blasts through the critic and moves you to your singular genius and unique power on the page. Discover some of the most fantastic connections of your life, and write like you’ve never written before. Questions or to apply:

Gateless Offerings


South of France, May 14-18, 2024

Designed for the deep dive writer on one of the most exquisite coasts in the world, this retreat explores the rich rooms of the self. In an historic villa complete with a private chef, experience shamanic healings, Thai head massage, breathwork, soundbaths, channeling, and writing writing writing. This retreat changes lives. Questions or to apply:

“The memoir I built out of the seed story from that retreat just got picked up by one of the biggest agents in New York! Suzanne Kingsbury is in some ways like a siren. She pulls you into the depths with praise and songs of affirmation. But unlike the siren, she brings you back to the top. When you open your hands to write, the pearls come.”

~ Mary Okoye, JD, Tuscon, Arizona

Gateless Offerings

The Experience

A wildlife sanctuary for the creative within. Run away from the quotidian of the everyday to the lush power of your personal story. Share delicious meals from our private chef, experience Reiki + Thai head massage, and reach into the rich rooms of the self to create content that moves a crowd. The massage of the literary world, Gateless Retreats are a radically-nurturing circle of support. They are designed to provide the network and the craft you need while answering the urgent call to come home to the genius within.

Gateless Offerings

The House

Our staff spends hours finding the perfect retreat house. Whether we are in a loft in Paris, a private home on the edge of the desert, or a beachside manse in New England, our houses are sprawling and light filled with lots of couches to curl up in, both single and shared rooms, organic, gluten-free meals, and a dream team of writers who help move you forward on the creative journey of a lifetime. In these houses, miracles happen. You fall in love again: with yourself, with each other, with your writing and with the world.

Gateless Offerings

The Salon

The core of the Gateless experience is the writing salon. Morning, afternoon and night we will be writing in salon. Led by inspirational meditations coupled with Thai head massage, Reiki, bodywork, and often augmented by embodiment practices like sound healing and breathwork, the prompts activate long-term memory and the imaginal. These sessions are remarkable in what they bring forth for writers. Gateless feedback draws out the power of your innate talent. You will generate more work than you thought possible, and reach an entirely new zenith of creative potential.

“I came into retreat feeling blocked, distant from my writing, and rudderless. The intense work and deep nourishment of retreat lifted me out of my busy life and grounded me again as a writer. Now I have a plan for my manuscript, agent interest, and a surefooted way to move forward.”

~ Kate Baldwin, MFA, MEd, writing teacher and editor, Massachusetts.

Gateless Offerings

The Call

If you are feeling that whisper of a yes, that’s a sign you are ready for Gateless. If you long to begin or finish a project, if you have no idea why you are called, come! You will leave buoyed, with the power to make your creative vision come alive. Based on intuitive, highly creative and therapeutic work, retreat is probably not for you if you believe criticism is the only catalyst for great work, if you prefer not to be touched, or if you do not want to risk crying or laughing your socks off. If you are ready, come meet the remarkably nuanced muse you hold inside.
Gateless Offerings

The Method

Gateless was born within the confluence of neuroscientific research, ancient Zen and radical support for your singular genius. The aim is to still the critical blocks so that you can take risks and gain artistic agency. The method enters the somatic field and shifts brain chemistry to fire feel-good neurotransmitters. Gateless is an incredibly potent process that has led to best-selling book deals, international literary awards, and high profile media attention. The discipline gives you the impetus to write long after the retreat ends.
Gateless Offerings

The Result

Retreat bursts through blocks, shifts your neurotransmitters, uplevels your confidence, and gives you the motivation and the direction to make your creative dreams come true. Lifelong friendships are born. Your new network will include best-selling writers, Grammy-nominated musicians, top media personalities, brand strategists, award-winning speakers and more. You connect through your personal mythology, the intimacy of your singular story and support for one another’s talent. Long after retreat has ended, you will find your life changing in astounding ways.
Suzanne Kingsbury, founder of Gateless Writing


The inspiration that leads retreats viscerally connects you with your creative genius. Whether you are working on new pieces or continuing a project, your new writing will astound you.

We never deconstruct the work. Criticism is opinion-based teaching. At Gateless, we foster your innate talent and craft tools, anything not working simply falls away. You will generate more work than you ever thought possible, access inside industry-expertise, and reach completely new zeniths in creative potential.


“There’s nothing like a writing retreat with Suzanne Kingsbury, she’s a guru, a magician and a fairy godmother. At a Gateless Retreat, your work is going to come alive, you can’t help it. It’s an out-of-body experience. You feel like you flew through the night and hit the stars, and in fact, you DID! Nothing compares”

~ Marshall Chapman, bestselling author of the memoir, Goodbye Little Rock and Roller

How do I sign up?

Retreats do fill fast, so reserve your space as soon as you can by sending us a note Here.

If you would like to find the perfect retreat for you, we can help you. Can’t wait to hear from you!