The Gateless Academy

Writing really can be doubled over laughter, a hit of the divine, a wild uncovering of untold stories, a daring ride into the singular genius you hold inside.

This 10-month Sanctuary and Mastery Program for Writers with Work-in-Progress is the most comprehensive book-building program in the world.

The Academy is Rolling Admissions

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The Method

Created from neuroscientific research at Stanford, Johns Hopkins and the National Institute of Health, the Gateless Academy uses a cutting- edge method to grow your writing to unprecedented heights.  Drawing out your singular genius and your innate talent, you will incredibly unique work that takes risks and makes the world take notice. This program believes in full access to little-known craft tools, agents’ names, publishing resources, and the truth about how to write proposals and queries that wins you the book deal. Our authors have more book deals per capita than any other writing program in the world.

Gateless Offerings

The Experience

Spend a year immersed in a program that can take your book from the bloom of that first idea all the way to the finished draft. A one-of-a-kind, transformative online experience, you will finally find the accountability, the connections and the guidance you need to move you to the point of publication, and beyond. Mentorship from New York’s top agents, critically-acclaimed authors, publicity experts. This 10-month incubation you’ve been craving can create a book that’s ready to sell big on the world stage.

Gateless Offerings

The Result

Writers who have graduated from The Gateless Academy have been repped by Park and Fine, Writer’s House, Inkwell, William Morris, Aevitas, Defiore, and Carol Mann. Academy writers have signed book deals with HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Penguin Random House, St. Martin’s Press and more. They have been profiled in top media outlets, including the Boston Globe, the New York Times, Business Insider, O Magazine, the Today Show, Rolling Stone Magazine and appear year after year on best-of lists profiling books that change the world.

“Gateless gave me the network, the support and the resources to go from someone who knew she wanted to write a paradigm-shifting book to a critically-acclaimed author, speaker and movement-leader, whose book was published last year by my dream publish house. Gateless is a unicorn in the world of writing and publishing. No one does it better.”

~ Deepa Purushothaman, Critically-acclaimed author, The First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America

Gateless Offerings


Built by creatives for creatives, Gateless gives you easy access to a cross-section of online and live programming that includes incredible curricula and live conference calls that give you access to award-winning luminaries, a community with which to discuss your work-in-progress and access to Suzanne, one of the top development editors in the country. The curricula includes 100+ hours of private seminars on how to build your book, the map to revision, how to get an agent + publisher and how to build the elusive author platform.

Gateless Offerings


The Academy accepts non-fiction and fiction writers looking to build a thriving writing career. Writers enter at any stage of the writing journey and include novelists, memoirists, journalists, content creators, corporate olympians, healing arts therapists and more. You will be amongst a community of alumni who are media favorites, best-selling writers, branding consultants, award-winning screenwriters and Grammy-nominated songwriters. They are here to encourage you during the entirety of your writing career.

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The Academy is curated by writers for writers.  To that end, it accepts on a rolling admission basis and moves with you through 10 months as you become an in-demand writer. We curate the sessions and the internationally-recognized Gateless Writing Salon to match your schedule so that professionals and parents can build their books inside very busy lives. The 100+ hours of in-depth craft seminars are on your time, at your pace. Our timeline works for even the most scheduled writers. The dynamic elements of the program build writing that transcends the existing domain and lets you burst into entirely new literary landscapes.

“The Academy ranks as one of the most important gifts I have ever given my work. Suzanne Kingsbury was truly sent here by the gods. The Academy lasts a lifetime. The seminars hold wisdom for the ages. Gateless buoys you forever.”

~ Bren McClain, TN, winner of the William Faulkner – William Wisdom Writing Award and Author of the critically acclaimed, One Good Mama Bone

Gateless Offerings

Industry Intel

Built from some of the highest literary minds in the world, the Academy’s core craft seminars include 100+ hours curated from the highest literary minds in the worl. They have moved writers from first drafts to 6-figure offers from Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, HarperCollins, Holt, Little Brown, St. Martin’s Press and more. These seminars are with you throughout the year to build the book from the bottom up, including never-before-heard intel on critical blocks, platform-building, the query, the proposal and the book deal. Established writers who are Academy alums have said the seminars are critical as touchpoints throughout their lives as authors.

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During your 10-month journey, you will meet with Academy luminaries from both the creative and the business side of publishing who will help massage your journey to the completed manuscript. Previous luminaries include multi-genre authors who have hit best-seller lists, comedic writers who have graced some of the nation’s largest stages, talented film script advisors, literary agents, and several media favorites. Many of the faculty have been through the Academy themselves and found success on the other side. Available exclusively for Academy writers, they meet with us for intensives throughout the year to explain how to create the platform and proposal, and land the agent of your dreams.

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Enter the Academy by applying below. Immediately gain access to our portal to begin with the first in-depth seminars with Suzanne. Meet other Academy writers in our online community, post work, ask questions and get up-to-date industry intel. 1x per month you will meet live, online with Suzanne + agents bestselling writers, publishers and more (usually Mondays, 4pmET, times are flexible to meet current writers’ needs). This helps you structure, revise and sell your book. These are also recorded, you may send q’s ahead and listen back. We can’t wait to meet you there!
View syllabus HERE.
Luminaries HERE.
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Suzanne Kingsbury, founder of Gateless Writing


After working for over 24 years in the publishing industry, first as bestselling writer and then as an industry insider, it became clear to me: Writers need an oasis.

We need our own literary home.

A decade ago, I created the Academy for writers with a unique story to tell. Now, we are one of the most comprehensive book-building programs in the world with writers from all over the globe represented by the best lit agents and published by Holt, Harpers, Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Hatchette and more.

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed as you birth your book. Here is a portal of unbridled support, industry intel, network connections, and the craft + revision tools to bring you from the raw draft to the very best agent for your book.

You were born to write. And this can be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. Together we will demystify the process and let rise the incredible genius you hold inside.

Can’t wait to meet you!!!


“The Gateless Academy was the most holistic, organic, and powerful learning experience of my 51-year-old life. And I know for certain, being part of this hive of creative genius was what lead me to connect with the perfect-for-me literary agent. No part of my being was untouched by having been blessed by this visceral creative support.”

~ Melanie Maure, Expert Counsellor, Coach and Author of Sisters of Belfast,
repped by Aevitas and published by Harper Collins.

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To register to be a writer with the Gateless Academy please email us Here.

An initial deposit is due at the time you apply, when you will gain access to the entire portal with its library of luminaries, craft adaptations with Suzanne, the online community and your first months craft seminars with Suzanne as well as your live meeting with her.

Thereafter, there is a monthly fee for the duration of the ten months of programming.

We can’t wait to have you there!!!

This includes: all salons, genre pods, luminary calls, weekly calls with Suzanne, the craft seminars that consolidate everything from busting through the hold of the critic, to platform building and the sale.

This can be done by check, Venmo or Paypal.