The Brattleboro Literary Festival’s 8th Annual…

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Here is how how I feel every year during the literary festival: absolutely drunk with pleasure.
(The handsome wild west looking man is my husband, he is crazy about reading. See? Reading really IS sexy!)

It’s that time of year again.  Our little town will be painted a very literary red this weekend, and what with the leaves changing, we will be on fire!! Besides the fact that we have a list of very hot authors (not mentioning any names, Benoit) they are also eclectic.  Jody Redhage is kicking us off with her cello at the Stone Church on Friday night, putting our very own Wyn Cooper’s poems to music just for this show.  Tony-award winner and Emmy-nominated Jeffrey Sweet is doing a theater (pronounced theATer) workshop, southern culture folkorist, Jane Harrington, is going to storytell us into neverlands and Peter Gould is going to write naked . Or, anyway, his characters are. These are just some of the iconoclastic, brilliant, funny, award winning authors who will be reading to you, including Philip Levine (yes THE Philip Levine), Julia Glass (we love her new book!), David Hacket Fischer (for all you history buffs), Tom Perrotta (very Hollywood), Robert Olmstead (he’s bringing his mom!) and Michaell Collier (if you want to charm your way into Breadloaf, here’s your chance!). Some of our themes include  living off the grid, polygamy, war, addiction, religion and the writing process itself for all you should-be, would-be authors.  What I mean is ANYTHING can happen.  And Friday night is Gallery walk so the galleries, the bars, and the restaurants will be packed with the artists, authors, Vermonters and visiting urbanites.  Buy someone who looks literary a drink and you might even get invited to one of the exclusive, author-only activities (these are usually dance-on-the-tables fun).  Come one, come all, don’t be shy.  Below is the website and the link to the NHPR podcast with MOI as the interviewee, and Benoit Denizet-Lewis as the guest author. Mwah Mwah kissses kisses.  See you there!! LISTEN TO THE NPR PODCAST ABOUT THE BRATTLEBORO LIT FEST!

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