Grandma Goes Burlesque…


January 10th, 1937, Saint Mark’s Place, Manhattan, Maggie’s diary continues:

Walked through drizzle up to 49th Street and East River to Marland and Anne’s for  highballs with them and Dorothy and Jimmy. Read impressive account of Marland’s amoebic dysentery in Mayo Clinic Journal. Dorothy told us about her Tommy getting a screw in his lungs, which had to be removed through a tube stuck down his windpipe, doctors first thought he had asthma and treated him for this for about a month before they found the screw.  All to dinner at *Jade Mountain, and then to Irving Place Burlesque House where Dorothy was slightly shocked by strip artist lifting her dress to show ace of spades (fake we think) and men much amused by chorus girl with uneven breasts.  Girls younger and prettier than we expected, though almost all some defect which kept them from better shows, drooping breasts, big legs or something. People around us mostly like ourselves. Main difference between it and Broadway show was more breasts exposed and dirty words used in skits, which were otherwise dull.  Wolfs came home with us for a drink and ribald conversation afterward. Anne told us Marland is going to be made vice-president of his company in the summer. Anne looking very pretty in black velvet and flat black velvet hat, both of us get awfully annoyed with her at times, but admit she’s cute and for the most part fun. Discussed female names again. M. off on Penelope on account of Katherine, leans toward Patricia.

*Last classic Chop Suey joint on 2d Avenue, closed in 2007.

And what was her granddaughter, Suzanne, doing in Brattleboro, VT January 10th, 2010?

Oh goodness, does anyone care? I mean burlesque on Irving Place? Exposed (albeit droopy) breasts?  And dirty skits and some little boy having a screw stuck in his throat? What in the world would we do without my grandmother? We might have to watch television.  Grandma skipped January 11th, so, see you on the 12th!!!  (which happens to be salon night if anyone wants to come over)…

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