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Kasey Matthews

Suzanne Kingsbury came into my life and taught me how to write in a way so others would want to read my work.  She challenged me to elevate the quality of my writing, but with such kindness, wisdom and contagious passion, that the experience of working with her was joyous and exhilarating.  Suzanne gave me read more…

Katina Makris

Suzanne Kingsbury is an extraordinary book shaman.  She’s talented, she’s sharp and she’s very experienced in the literary business.  Suzanne helped me write a smashingly terrific book proposal, and she hand-picked a hot literary agent for me who snatched me up in a heartbeat.  Within 48 hours the agent had me in seven of the read more…

Diana Whitney

When I met Suzanne, I was a reluctant former poet jaded by years of criticism in creative writing academia.  Suzanne has helped me rediscover the writer I was as a child, a little girl in love with words and the act of putting pen to paper.

Parker Riggs

Suzanne is not only an exceptional editor and writer, but an extraordinary teacher who truly cares about her writers and their work.  In her gentle way, she motivates, encourages, and teaches the joy of writing.  Her Gateless writing technique has given me the confidence and freedom to create in ways I never imagined.  Suzanne never read more…

Susan Strecker

Working with Suzanne Kingsbury has been a magical experience.  As a critically-acclaimed author, she knows the craft of writing and the business of publishing inside and out.  Her editing skills have unlocked talent I didn’t know I had.  She has changed my life!