A Salon-Style Writing Retreat

A  Salon-Style Writing Retreat

Pamper yourself, your body and your creativity in a day of massage, energy balancing and wild, beautiful writing

Attunement Practioner and Energy Balancer, Rachel Cohen
Creativity Coach, Book Shaman and Novelist, Suzanne Kingsbury

Sunday, August 4th , 10-5 in Peterborough, NH
 $235 includes fresh, organic home-cooked nibbles and vittles
please call 802-380-2866 or email suzannekingsbury@yahoo.com for details and registration

In an unprecedented approach to creating great writing, bodyworker Rachel Cohen and author Suzanne Kingsbury pair up to offer you one blissful, life-changing day of salon-style writing for memoirists, poets, non-fiction and fiction writers.  In this creative writing workshop prompts are designed to open the imaginative and intuitive centers of the brain and close parts of the brain associated with resistance and criticism, so the muse can fly off the page. As you write, Rachel will move the energy, both in your body and around the room, attuning your chakras, your endocrine system and your organs. Surrounded by Rachel’s lush gardens in her historic Peterborough home, you will receive the bodywork you crave; bask in collaborative, supportive feedback; allow your unique, remarkable voice to be heard; and watch your creativity come bursting off the page.  A massage therapist will also be in the room to give work on your shoulders as you listen.  Organic, home-cooked snacks and lunch will be provided.  Results of attunement and this style of writing workshop create lasting effects on the creative process and can break through blocks most creatives were not aware they had.


Rachel Cohen is a certified Attunement Practitioner, who uses non-invasive touch to awaken and balance the endocrine system, chakras, and major organs. While providing attunement, she often interweaves her Reiki training, providing hands-on healing to deepen the work. Her practice is complemented by her background in psychology, her apprenticeship as a body-centered life coach and her Kripalu YogaDance certification. Rachel has a mystic’s eyes, and the “hot” hands of a true healer. Her energy work serves to open the floodgates and release old conditioning, helping writers blast through creating blocks to a limitless horizon of spontaneity and self-expression.

Suzanne Kingsbury is a book shaman, creativity coach, novelist and the founder of Wild Words, an organization that helps writers of all genres make their dreams of becoming authors a reality. Her model of teaching, based on a neuro-theologic study at Penn and Harvard, allows a cessation in the negative activity of the brain, so the creative imagination can flourish. This powerful work– which creates an alchemical reaction in both the teacher and the student– has changed lives. Suzanne is the author of two critically-acclaimed novels–The Summer Fletcher Greel Loved Me (Scribner) and The Gospel According to Gracey (Scribner), both books have been optioned for film and translated extensively abroad. Her work has been featured in Glamour Magazine, People Magazine, The LA Times, The Atlantic Journal Constitution and many others. This year’s 2013 Writer’s Guide has named her one of the experts on creativity and the imaginative process.

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